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As the FDA has already mandated changes to the nutrition facts label set for U.S. food products, its efforts to “up the health factor” and make healthy shopping easier for consumers continue. Keeping with this initiative, the FDA is now setting out to redefine what exactly the term “healthy” means when it comes to food packaging and labeling. The idea is “to easily and quickly make food choices consistent with public health recommendations and to encourage the development of healthier foods by the industry (courtesy: qualityassurancemag.com).”


Just what does “healthy” mean these days? That’s exactly what the FDA seeks to redefine to make shopping for healthy food easier and accurate for consumers. Image Courtesy: thankyourbody.com

Times have changed when it comes to what is termed “healthy” these days. According to QualityAssuranceMag.com, “Public health recommendations for various nutrients have evolved, as reflected by the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the updated Nutrition Facts label. For example, healthy dietary patterns now focus on food groups, the type of fat rather than the total amount of fat consumed and now address added sugars in the diet.”

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AUTHOR: Dan Meyers