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Bob’s Red Mill, the venerable, NW producer of whole grain-based food products, has added to its legendary status as a company that not only creates healthy, sustainable food products but also one that treats its employees as fellow owners. The company just won the 2018 ESOP Marketing Award for Companies Over 250 Employees. Congrats to Bob’s!!!

After founding the company 40 years ago, owner and leader Bob Moore wanted his employees to view and enjoy their jobs as “more than just jobs” and have a real stake in the company. After decades of treating employees very well internally, Bob made another move that has really cemented the company in the realm in which he has long-intended: In 2014 Bob created an Employee Owned Stock Ownership Program or ESOP. This was Bob’s way of giving back to those who helped build Bob’s Red Mill into the very successful brand it is today. The ESOP serves as a retirement program in that employees vest into stock ownership in the company over time. The program has been very successful internally and has furthered employee dedication and job satisfaction. These aspects are evident when visiting Bob’s Red Mill’s headquarters in Milwaukie, Oregon…there are many smiling faces.


The many, happy employees of Bob’s Red Mill owe a good part of this emotion to a fantastically-run and managed company that has, at its core, an appreciation of those who helped build it (it’s employees). Image Courtesy: Montavilla Farmers Market


Bob’s Red Mill had the help of BCI Group, which guided Bob Moore through the process involved in setting up the ESOP, a major transition for the company. Here’s a quote from Nick Krajl of BCI regarding this move by Moore:

The ESOP has been a good tool for Bob’s Red Mill to transition ownership for the founder, and simultaneously create some ownership value in the form of a retirement benefit for the employees. They’re a Northwest success story of growth, and a great example of creating and maintaining a strong employee culture.
This video shows Trey Winthrop, Bob’s Red Mill Vice President of Finance, talking about the work that has been done with BCI Group to create an ever stronger employee cutlure, solid benefits and a retirment program (featuring the ESOP). Video Courtesy: Bobsredmill.com

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AUTHOR: Dan Meyers