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Aside from fantastic, what more can be said about the burgeoning milled grain products manufacturer Bob’s Red Mill? Well, it turns out a lot. Bob’s Red Mill is a company that has been driven to the highest levels of quality on multiple fronts, from day one. Launched in 1978 by Bob Moore, and featuring just a handful of products, well thought out decisions in HR, manufacturing, branding, packaging, ingredient sourcing and marketing have led to what we see today…a truly successful organization that sees very little employee turnover and carries the mentality of giving back. Presently, Bob’s Red Mill produces over 400 natural, certified organic, and gluten-free milled grain products, billing itself as the “nation’s leading miller of diverse whole-grain foods.”


The “family” of Bob’s Red Mill…a motivated, well-rewarded work force that breeds quality in all aspects of the organization. Image Courtesy: montavillamarket.org


Decisions of Sharing and Reward

To say Bob Moore has been an excellent, humanitarian-focused leader is an understatement. Not only has his company paid living wages and excelled in the provision of good benefits, the very words “his company” underwent a material change in 2010 when Bob transferred the ownership of the company to his employees. Much like other, successful companies that are employee-owned, sharing the stock of the business he and his team created has created a true, upward spiral of energy. With a stake in the outcome, employees simply care more (naturally) and it shows across all levels.

A Trusted Name

“Trust, honesty and integrity.” These three principles are noted firmly on the Bob’s Red Mill website and serve as the core of what the business is built on. The site notes its packaging, in particular, as emblematic of its commitment to quality…allowing the transparency of its packaging to serve as a window (into the product) for consumers to be able to view, prior to purchase, the true quality that is held within. The companys’ commitment to quality not only serves the rise of its brand, but allows it to fulfill its stated commitment to offer a product that breeds better nutrition for more and more people. Hats off there.

Enjoy Bob’s 2012 interview with Diane Sawyer below:

Video Courtesy: ABC News, Bob’s Red Mill
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AUTHOR: Dan Meyers