Bob’s Red Mill

Milling Packaging



Bob’s Red Mill has provided the very best nutritional whole grains on the market for years. We began working with Bob’s several years ago during their major expansion phase. They were looking for a company who could keep up with the increasing demand for their extensive healthy product line. With many products and a busy production line, they needed a flexible and responsive packaging supplier.


Prove Portco is the partner that can help them meet their expansion goals. We can be on their floor whenever they need us, change course mid stream and work with their team to conduct the research and development necessary to create new packaging solutions.


We’re available by phone or in person whenever Bob’s needs us. They’re constantly evolving; adding new products and new ways of using their products; we’ve evolved with them. To keep up with their capacity, we have expanded our breadth of capabilities, and bought additional equipment to meet their needs.


Nimble. Fast. Inventive. Innovative. Ensuring we’re a pleasure to work with. Sending our quality control team to their facility to make sure everything’s working as it should. We believe in continuously improving our methods and processes, so we’re always looking for ways to increase efficiencies and reduce costs.

What Our Customers Say

“You really get what you pay for in service and quality. Their customer service is second to none. It’s the same level of service we give to our customers. I like the personal relationship we’ve developed with Linda and her team. Their doors are always open. Plus, they’re family-owned, similar to our founders. Just like our packaging, Portco is very transparent: it’s a real product from real people. We have a deeply shared business philosophy. We’re growing, so what’s good for us will be good for them.”

– Dennis Vaughn, Vice President of Operations, Bob’s Red Mill, Milwaukie, Oregon