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Alice, Bob, Cathy and Dan each run separate retail stores in and around the world famous Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington. Shoppers from all over flock to this storied place where everything from fresh seafood to gorgeous folk art can be found. One day, all four business owners decided to meet at a local fish and chips spot to discuss product packaging in their respective stores. And with all four retailers being good friends, each brought two gifts to the meeting since it was the holiday season. Alice wrapped her gifts in green, eco-friendly wrapping. Bob wrapped his gifts in yellow, recycled paper. Cathy wrapped her gifts in blue paper she got from the leftover bin in the back of her store. Dan wrapped his gifts in red wrapping paper, which he had on-hand for the holidays. They drew lots to determine which gifts they were supposed to receive.

(1) Each of them received two gifts in wrapping of different colors.

(2) Each did not get the gifts they brought.

(3) Alice did not receive any gift wrapped in the yellow, recycled paper.

(4) Cathy did not receive any gift wrapped in the leftover red wrapping paper.

(5) Bob did not receive any gifts wrapped in the blue paper from Cathy’s store.

From whom did Alice, Bob, Cathy and Dan each receive their packaged gifts from?

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In order to solve this you will need to set up the same thing people most often eat dinner at (or on). A bit vague…but helpful if you get it ;). Good luck!
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Set up a table as shown below:

Based on (2), cells marked X2 above cannot happen.

Based on (3), (4), and (5), cells marked X3, X4, and X5 cannot happen.

The remaining cells on the table not marked X represent possible gifts received. Since each received 2 gifts, therefore:

  • Alice received the Blue and Red Gifts.
  • Bob received the Green and Red Gifts.
  • Cathy received the Green and Yellow Gifts.
  • Since based on (1), there are only 2 Green gifts. These belongs to Bob and Cathy. Therefore, Dan did not received any Green Gift.
  • Therefore, Dan received the Blue and Yellow Gifts.
How did you do? Look for another brainteaser from us soon!

AUTHOR: Dan Meyers