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Sometimes we just need to have fun, recreate, challenge ourselves a bit. What better option than a challenging riddle to hit on all three accounts? Try this packaging-industry-specific riddle and feel free to let us know if you solve it! That said, the answer will be provided below (see the “answer button”). Best of luck and enjoy!

The Riddle of the Stand-up Pouch

A local farmer from Woodland went to the Farmer’s Market in downtown Vancouver to sell some dried apricots and fruit leather. However, the farmer had just one, flexible, re-sealable, stand-up pouch bag with him. The farmer didn’t want to mix the apricots with the other fruit leather, so he poured the apricots in first, tied the pouch in the middle, and then filled the top portion of the pouch with the fruit leather. Once at the market, a local hotel owner approached the farmer with a stand-up pouch bag of his own. He told the farmer he wanted to buy his apricots, but not the fruit leather. Pouring out the fruit leather anywhere other than the sacks is considered soiling. Trading stand-up pouches is also not allowed. Further, the farmer can’t cut a hole in his stand-up pouch. Thus, how can the farmer transfer the apricots to the hotel owner’s stand-up pouch without soiling his fruit leather?


These dried apricots are sought by the hotel owner, but don’t get your fruit leather dirty! See riddle for details. Image Courtesy: organicauthority.com

Hint: I’d suggest getting out a piece of paper out and drawing up the scene. Draw the farmer, the hotel owner, and their two sacks. Draw the farmer’s pouch, tied in the middle as noted. This kind of visualization will help you come up with the solution!

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There are two solutions:
1. If neither the farmer nor the hotel owner care about which pouch they end up with , then simply un-seal the part of the pouch the had the fruit leather in it and pour it into the innkeepers pouch. Then trade pouches and your done.

2. If the farmer and hotel owner want to hold onto their original pouches, then things are solved in a bit more complicated fashion; here’s how: Pour the fruit leather into the innkeeper’s pouch, bind it and turn inside out. Pour in the dried apricots. Then unbind the hotel owner’s pouch and pour the fruit leather back into your pouch.


Enjoy the challenge? Look for more from time to time here :). Meanwhile, learn about the stand-up pouches that Portco has to offer by visiting their PRODUCTS page.

AUTHOR: Dan Meyers