A Place for Packaging Innovators

In our continued coverage of Portco Packaging’s 3-year, dual-plant expansion, this second of four chapters focuses on Portco’s latest addition – a Nordmeccanica Super Combi 3000 laminator. As performance demands of flexible packaging materials increase, so does the demand for innovation from flexible packaging converters. Featuring a complete set of lamination and coating solutions in one, incredibly-skilled machine, the “Super Combi ” possesses a vast array of options that maximizes both quality and value across a wide range of customer needs.

Manufactured in Piacenza, Italy, and installed in December of 2016, lamination options with the Super Combi include solvent, solventless and water-based platforms, water-based coating applications and rotogravure print application.

These combined technologies translate into a competitive advantage opportunity for Portco’s customers. With the chance to enjoy robust, high-performing, gorgeous packaging across freezer, oven, boil, and microwave applications, as well as retort, cold-seal and registered matte/OPV’s, this latest move continues to illustrate Portco’s commitment to “never settle.” Please enjoy the following video that showcases the installation and early operations of this new addition to Portco’s printing wheelhouse:

Video Courtesy: Portco.com
Header Image Courtesy: Portco.com

AUTHOR: Dan Meyers