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As the COVID-19 pandemic grips the planet, essential goods and services have risen from the chaff, becoming key elements for societal protection and continuity. Necessities like water, power, critical medical services and, of course, food, must naturally be prioritized. And while global supply chains are experiencing fluctuations the likes of which we’ve never before seen (at least in the last couple generations), suppliers of food, food packaging, and related services are crucial to the effort. But the big question hitting many these days is, “Is my food safe?” We are happy to report the most recent findings featured on Packaging Digest, which centered in on this important and beguiling question, say yes, your food is safe. Of course we have heard that the virus can remain viable on various types of packaging, for very limited times. Read more about this issue, and the recommended protocols for handling food in packages, hand washing, and the far greater dangers (vs. handling your food and food packaging) for spreading and/or contracting the COVID-19 virus.


Dr. David Acheson, President and CEO of the Acheson Group, shares his research on COVID-19 as it pertains to food and food packaging safety. Image Courtesy: PackagingDigest.com

Read the Packaging Digest article titled, “Food Packagers Address Pandemic-Driven Risk to Supply Chains.” This article touches on food safety, and food packaging safety in particular.
1. Practice firm, social distancing.
2. Wash your hands every single time you handle something outside of your direct home. This includes food packaging.
3. Un-pack and put away groceries AFTER wiping them all off with anti-bacterial wipes (or the equivalent); soap and water works too.
4. Wash you hands in-between it all, before, during and after.
5. Discard food packaging and wash your hands again.
6. Disinfect common touch points through the house, in your vehicle, etc. frequently. Especially after handling items from outside the home, or traveling outside the home.
7. Stay home as much as possible, going out only for critical/essential reasons.
Stay safe out there and watch for additional updates on this blog.

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AUTHOR: Dan Meyers