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O.K. it’s just mid-February here and still quite frigid, but spring is just around the corner and, well, I’ve already had to mow my lawn! So, now that we are starting to see more patio and garden-related items appearing in stores, this should come as no surprise. Hard to believe, but blooming flowers, buzzing bees and the smell of barbecues are truly not too far off. Will you be ready? Well, one regional business sure aims to give you a fighting chance: Eugene, Oregon-based Down to Earth Distributors; a wholesaler that sells and ships natural and organic fertilizers, gardening and floral supplies, and home houseware products up and down the west coast.

An important customer of Portco Packaging, Down to Earth Distributors buys and utilizes a variety of packaging products from Portco that ensure their quality position in the market. A good example is Down to Earth’s use of SOM (Sewn Open Mouth) natural kraft bags. In combination with their associated cartons, the SOM look and function contributes firmly to the packaging’s unique look and feel in the marketplace. Just take a look at this natural, recyclable packaging choice; it’s easy to celebrate its natural, outdoor look:


These gorgeous looking products look like they almost grew right out of the garden! Image Courtesy: Down to Earth Distributors

Down to Earth Distributors is committed to being a leader in the natural and organic realms. And for their customers, their use of SOM, natural kraft bags reflects this choice and positions them as a leader in the organic fertilizer category. But hey, this amazing brand has a lot to offer beyond their choice of sustainable packaging. I encourage you to visit their website where you’ll find a large number of resources ranging from their complete product line to video guides on organic gardening.

Cooking Some of That Great, Grown Food!

Surely we could list a thousand recipes here when talking about the myriad of ways one can cook, bake, etc. these days. But hey, given the early season nature of some blueberry bushes, I’ve decided to share just a few tried-and-true blueberry-based recipes sure to amplify your home cooking!
My Favorite Blueberry Scones (from Sally’s Baking Addiction)
Best Blueberry Muffins (from Once Upon a Chef)
And now for a video showing how to cook the perfect blueberry pie!


AUTHOR: Dan Meyers