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“Sustainable solutions for your brand”…and…”Where functions meets sustainability.” I just love these two headings, which serve to define the new brand and product line being offered by Portco Packaging…EarthGuard™. Targeted at companies seeking to feature flexible packaging that (post-use) can go directly into the compost bin and/or recycling center. And while nearly every single “how to recycle” or “how to compost” graphic out there says, “NO Plastics!,” these products from EarthGuard™ are indeed a lovely, green exception. Further, a line of packaging products that utilize post-consumer recycle content (PCR), is also on offer from EarthGuard™, serving to further your green, sustainable goals.

Here’s a quote from Portco Packaging’s President, Kent Wall, espousing his philosophy on this new, EarthGuard™ line:

“With our strong commitment to producing the highest quality, safest flexible packaging in the most responsible way, Portco Packaging brings you its latest line…EarthGuard™ . This new brand and family of products emanates from our dedication to creating packaging solutions that are not only effective from a barrier and cost perspective, but are also responsible to the health of our environment. After all, what we do now is our legacy. Our children and grandchildren will thank us…and so will a growing number of today’s customers. The EarthGuard line showcases, in a variety of forms, how food packaging can be recyclable, compostable and can contain enough post-consumer product to ensure a demand for recycled plastics and help support a circular economy. Our goal is to always be improving and offering products that allow you, our customer, to meet or exceed your sustainability goals. EarthGuard is our answer. – Kent Wall, President

Image Courtesy: GreenBusinessBureau.com

Three Product Categories

While the best way to analyze this new, sustainability-targeted product line is to visit the EarthGuard™ site and contact a sales representative, here are the three main categories of flexible packaging available in this new line:

  • PCR Solutions
    Our PCR solutions are designed to support a commitment to the circular economy. These options contain Post- Consumer Recycled content (PCR) feedstock. Available in a wide variety of formats with the same great performance and product features as traditional packaging solutions, PCR films are a great option in supporting your sustainability goals.
  • Recycle Ready
    Our fully recyclable line of pouches is focused on solutions for the future of your packaging. These pouches offer the same great features, formats and performance as our standard pouch offerings, but come with a promise of paying it forward! Support your sustainability goals with Recycle Ready packaging.
  • Compostable
    Reduce your environmental footprint with our line of BPI certified compostable films. These materials are designed to break down and go back into nature after a specified amount of time. While not suitable for all packaging applications, we can determine if this category is the right fit for you.
    Go HERE to explore this new line of sustainable products from EarthGuard™.
    Contact a Portco sales representative HERE to explore your EarthGuard™ options.

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    AUTHOR: Dan Meyers