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Whether you like to cook, eat, or some combination thereof (certainly you are a fan of at least the latter), when a high-quality, socially and environmentally-responsible food item is made available in convenient, easy-step form, well, it is simply newsworthy. That said, the brand of organic rice and rice-based products I am talking about here today is far from being a recent advent. In fact, they’ve been around since 1937. Like many of the very greatest brands, they have stood the test of time. Yet as a new, contributing writer here at Portco Packaging, my exposure to the delectable offerings of Lundberg Family Farms is as fresh as the ingredients that go into their products.


Pictured here is an arborio rice dish being served at the 4-star, Yelp-reviewed restaurant, Magpie Cafe in Sacramento, Ca. This renowned eatery puts their name on the line, and wins, with Lundberg products. Image Courtesy: Magpiecafe.com


Truly Sustainable Practices

With the moniker, “Leave the land better than you found it,” Lundberg Family Farms steadfastly pursues organic and sustainable farming practices in the production of it’s organic rice and rice-based goods. Here’s a quote from their website that I quite simply could not have written any better:

“Lundberg Family Farms has been an early leader in organic farming, energy conservation and renewable energy, providing safe and fair working conditions, and many other practices that are environmentally and socially responsible. However, with one of our core values being continuous improvement, we know there is always more to do when it comes to sustainability and inspiring greater change beyond just us.

As a member of the Sustainable Food Trade Association (SFTA), we’ve signed a pledge committing to reporting annually the company’s performance in the 11-action categories that include organic & land use, distribution & sourcing, energy, climate change & emissions, water use & quality, solid waste reduction, packaging & marketing materials, labor, animal care, sustainability education, and governance & community engagement.

Each year, Lundberg Family Farms audits our performance in these areas, publishes the findings in our annual SFTA Sustainability Report, and makes it available to our customers and consumers.”

Click here to view the companys’ most current Sustainability Report. I think you’ll be impressed.

Spellbinding Taste and Quality

Organic Alfredo Risotto anyone? How about a plate of shrimp and brown rice potstickers? Maybe a snack of Pico de Gallo Rice Chips are more your speed? Whatever your choice, the potent combination of incredible variety, sustainable practices and spellbinding taste seem to breath magic into all that Lundberg puts on the shelf. From grains to snacks to entrees and side dishes, Lundberg products come in many different forms and it seems there is something for just about everyone. They even offer core baking products, letting the quality of Lundberg serve as the basis for some of the world’s truly tastiest baked dishes.


Here’s a fantastic dish of stuffed squash prepared with a blend of different rice grains from Lundberg (and some veggies from Trader Joe’s). Find the recipe for this great dish at the bottom of the following linked page at Ciao Cucina. Image Courtesy: Ciaocucina.com


Adding in its non-GMO certification and focus on both gluten free and whole grain offerings, it’s no surprise that Lundberg is the choice for not only some of the highest quality restaurants around, but also the buyer’s from very picky grocery markets including New Seasons and Whole Foods. Quite simply, quality demands quality. From planting to harvest, processing to packaging, Lundberg has assembled an all-star team (up and down its supply chain) that is clearly linked to its success.

Finally, keeping the theme of great food going, check out this snapshot from the Lundberg Family Farm websites’ Recipe’s section…the cook in me can’t wait to dig in. How about you?:


See a multitude of great recipes at the Lundberg Family Farm website here. Image Courtesy: Lundberg Family Farms


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AUTHOR: Dan Meyers