Idaho Package Company (IPAK)

Potato Bags



Idaho Package Co. (IPAK) partners with packaging manufacturers, like Portco, to custom design and develop optimal packaging for a wide variety of products. We’ve worked with them since the early 1980s to supply them with multi-wall potato baler bags. They invest in relationships, just like Portco does, and needed a flexible, responsive business partner who could quickly respond to the demands of the ever-changing market.


They need a supplier who can juggle several labels at once, who communicates clearly and often, and who delivers on time.


We knew we’d need to print mixed loads of bags for many different brands at once, so we figured out the logistics of how to make it easy for them to pick and choose what they want. We weave Idaho Package’s diverse print jobs into our schedule and workflow process, and provide them with warehousing capacity to make managing their inventory easier.


We have expanded our capabilities to help them respond to changing market demands, such as moving from hand-filling to automated lines.

What Our Customers Say

“Portco is a tremendous vendor that works hard for my company. They’ve improved our production and competitiveness. Their new equipment and the pinch-bottom, open-mouth bags they produce have helped us improve our delivery quality tremendously. They change not only as our needs change, but also with the times, keeping up with the latest techniques and investing in new equipment when necessary. Our relationship is strong, mutually beneficial, familial even. We’re strategic business partners. Portco is a key part of our business.”

– Chris Lee, Idaho Package Company (IPAK)