IFA Lovell Lack Nursery 

Tree Seedling Bags



IFA is the starting point for many of the beautiful trees that fill the forests of the U.S. They came to Portco over 40 years ago looking for a new way to store their high-quality one- and two-year old tree seedlings. At the time, they were using expensive wax-dipped boxes to hold the trees in cold storage, but found the boxes too costly.


IFA needed a bag with several important characteristics:

  • It must be strong, even when wet.
  • It must breathe so the seedlings don’t rot or mildew.
  • Seals must prevent water leakage.
  • The price must be affordable.


Our 3-layer, multi-wall seedling bags include a poly-coated inner ply layer so they withstand the changing moisture and temperature levels, and are large enough to store up to 500 bare-root seedlings. We produce it in a variety of sizes to help them store and transport a wide variety of tree sizes and ages. Along with standard sewn bottoms, we provide “tape over sewn” seals that are hot-melt taped over the sewing to prevent water leakage and ensure the bags stay intact during shipping and handling.


When you’re dealing with nature, it’s critical to be responsive and meet your delivery dates. We’ve maintained consistent pricing to stay competitive and to help our customers meet their margins.

What Our Customers Say

“Since we worked with Portco on the development of the 3-layer seedling bag over 40 years ago, we feel more like a partner than a customer. They are always looking for ways to improve value and service.”

– Mark B. Thompson, Nursery Manager, IFA Lovell Lack Nursery, Canby OR