A Place for Packaging Innovators

To say that COVID-19 hasn’t thrown us all a curve ball would be an understatement. The latest? Mandatory mask wearing in the State of Washington beginning 6/26. Yet amidst it all, inspiration can definitely be found as people are adapting, changing and embracing this “new normal” in myriad ways. One great example we noticed right here on our factory floor. With “mask required” rules in place for all of our staff here at Portco, employee Evangelina Balbuena crafted her own set of washable/re-usable masks by re-purposing old Portco t-shirts. Made of heavy cotton, Evangelina worked to get the Portco logo right on the cheek. Who says company pride and innovation are dead? Not us!


This great looking mask was crafted by Portco employee Evangelina Balbuena. Nice work! Image Courtesy: Evangelina Balbuena


When asked about her Portco-themed masks Evangelina simply replied that she (and others) have been so thankful for the job that management has been doing to keep the work environment safe along with protecting their jobs. She just said she was very happy with how management has responded to the pandemic and that that sentiment was felt throughout. Thus, her Portco-themed mask.

“I feel valued and safe at Portco and I’m proud to work here because they value me as a person and my work.” – Evangelina Balbuena

Well, this kind of action, brought on partially by a well-managed/protected work place, certainly espouses the quality of workers that populate Portco’s factory floors. The best of the best…made up of folks that want to work, appreciate their jobs and place value upon proactive management that sees their health as a top concern. No doubt this simply adds to the family legacy at Portco where each employee, new or old, experienced or non, is welcomed in. Thank you Evangelina for your creativity and for expressing your positivity during a trying time.

Meanwhile…Portco has been busy on other fronts seeking to lend support to multiple agencies including some key first responders. Reachout has included financial assistance to Woodland Action Food Bank, donations of PPE to the Woodland Police Dept., provision of toilet paper to Toppenish employees during the shortage and donation of KN95 masks to DM3.consulting for its efforts on PPE production.

AUTHOR: Dan Meyers