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It is very hard to find someone that doesn’t love mashed potatoes. In fact, this simple, yet incredibly tasty dish appears on many restaurant menus year around but, aside from the holidays, often gets overlooked in the home. Personally, I will take advantage of any excuse to make mashed potatoes as they go so well with so many things. And to get around the calorie hit, I have found that potatoes flavored with garlic and other spices can easily take the place of butter and gravy. That said, there is one other reason that can cause mashed potatoes to not make the plate: time. Indeed, homemade mashed potatoes can be a good bit time consuming, and that can be tough for busy families on a weeknight. Yet is there a much quicker solution that still retains that “oh so nice homemade taste?” Yes: potato products from Idahoan. And while Idahoan does indeed sell Russet potatoes by the bag (for scratch cooking options), their incredible variety on the easy-to-cook side is top-notch!


Idahoan’s “Real Mashed Potatoes” are just that…real. So tasty, so easy, no excuses. And to say they result in a smiley face, well, I’d bet that just about every time. Images Courtesy: Idahoan.com and Portco.com

I could go on and on about how a batch of Idahoan potatoes actually tastes. Creamy, buttery, garlicy, savory, delectable…these are just a few adjectives that describe my experiences with Idahoan products. Utilizing 100% Idaho-grown Burbank Russet potatoes in each and every offering along with wide and growing variety of flavors to choose from, my list of descriptive words will only be expanding. And sure, sometimes you do need to plunk down and make mashed potatoes from scratch. It’s fun to peel the potatoes, see it all come together A to Z, yet there isn’t always time, and further, some batches of Idahoan that I’ve had beat homemade hands down, depending on the (from scratch) cook. Too salty? Not enough cream? Bland? These mistakes can and do occur. Idahoan products insulate well against these kind of failures.

Another bonus of the Idahoan brand is their provision of some truly unique recipes that blend a bit of home cooking along with their products, resulting in, well, happiness. Take their latest recipe posting for Aligot Mashed Potatoes, a French concoction that blends traditional mashed potatoes with cream cheese, white cheddar, mozzarella and chives. Well, do you really need additional urging to read on?


The latest recipe on offer from Idahoan features Aligot Mashed Potatoes, which are pictured here. Featuring a combination of Idahoan Buttery Mashed Potatoes with some extra “from the fridge” ingredients, prepare to blow away your family and/or guests. Image Courtesy: Idahoan.com



The recipe for Idahoan Aligot Potatoes. This really makes me hungry! Image Courtesy: Idahoan.com


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AUTHOR: Dan Meyers