Lundberg Family Farms

Rice bags



Lundberg Family Farms is a family-owned and operated rice company that delivers some of the best organic rice on the market. They do it all while managing over 30 relationships with growers and keeping their environmental impact top of mind. They came to Portco years ago looking for a printer and bag manufacturer who could convey their beautiful branding through a 100% recyclable bag.


Lundberg has been an important customer of ours for many years. A few years ago, they wanted to move their entire multi wall bag line to products that could be 100% recyclable. They came to us looking for:

  • Technical experts who were willing to experiment to help them meet their strict environmental standards while matching their keen eye for packaging design.
  • A team who they could rely on to deliver while maintaining their environmental ethos.
  • Technicians who could visit their plant to provide technical support.
  • A bag strong enough to protect the product during transport.


We went through an extensive process to create a 100% recyclable bag that met their needs and was still economical. We conducted research to determine the carbon footprint of their packaging and shared the results with Lundberg.

Lundberg expects their packaging to reflect the same values the use when they produce their product. We run a solventless operation and use only water-based inks, so our printing capabilities allow them to transfer that message no matter the size of package their products come in. Our multi-wall paper bags are also strong enough to withstand routine nicks and bumps in shipping and handling.


Like any good partnership, our customers have a lasting positive influence on us. We continue to inform Lundberg of the latest environmentally friendly practices and products. This keeps us on our toes and helps us stay on top of the latest packaging technologies.

What Our Customers Say

“We turn to Portco first for anything having to do with our bag line. Their quality is top of the line, they always meet their deadlines and always come through for us with new designs and testing to back up our environmental standards. It’s a relationship, and Portco is a partner.”

– Jeff Chandler, Lundberg Family Farms