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No question when we see the word “cancer” it gets our attention. Almost everyone knows someone who has had it. Maybe they’ve had it themselves. So when I saw this recent article titled, “Cancer in Your Food Bowl” I instantly clicked. What I found was firmly disturbing and it has definitely impacted my forward, fast-food plans. So what’s the big story? Molded Fiber bowls (and other molded fiber food packaging). Touted as “environmentally friendly,” “green,” “biodegradable,” and the like…this form of food packaging, popular at places like Chipotle and Sweetgreen, has long been a “feel good” element. No plastic here. That said, according to The New Food Economy, these “feel good” packaging elements are not good at all, at least from a personal health standpoint. These products reportedly contain “forever chemicals” that your body doesn’t break down and are in fact linked to cancer.
Here are a few pictures of molded fiber bowls and other serving containers:


A molded fiber bowl from Sweetgreen. Image Courtesy: Sweetgreen.com


A close-up look at a molded fiber bowl. Very attractive and versatile, yet now reportedly deadly. Image Courtesy: usfoods.com


A burrito bowl from Chipotle…one of my very favorites! I’ll have to bring in my own container now! Image Courtesy: Joe Raedle

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Eat safe!

AUTHOR: Dan Meyers