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Care about your dog or cat? I sure as heck do. And that is precisely why I switched to NW Naturals for my dog’s daily meals. All natural raw or freeze dried, you are getting pure, whole proteins, fruits and vegetables with zero grain and not one single preservative. Sure that means a tiny bit more prep each time I go to fill my dog’s dish, since the food is raw and must be stored in the fridge or freezer. And sure this food ebbs toward the spendier side, but like nearly all other things in life…you simply get what you pay for. Just listen to my personal experience with my dog Bella. 

Yeah. Bella, normally a dog of few words, will sit in the utility room around feeding time…just waiting. It’s all about the new food. So funny, but I love it! Image Courtesy: Dan Meyers

Now 7 and-a-half years old, and in the company of my six and three-year-old daughters, Bella doesn’t get quite as much exercise as she used to when she was posing as our warm-up child. Over the years, Bella ballooned a little bit from a healthy weight of about 70 pounds to the mid 90’s. Feedback from the vet was pretty stern, “Get Bella to lose some weight or risk her developing conditions that could shorten her life.” Boom. Enough for me!

Hopefully you can tell from the pictures here, but wow! With no change in activity level, and only a switch to NW Naturals Raw Beef Recipe, this happened in only 3 months. So cool. Images Courtesy: Dan Meyers

As recommended by the vet, settling on some form of a raw food diet would not only help Bella with her weight, but also give her more energy, improve her coat, and almost surely extend her life. After quite a bit of research, I settled on raw food from local brand Northwest Naturals. In just under six months, Bella has lost 28 pounds and now hits the scale at a weight firmly in the healthy zone.

Needless to say, I have been an evangelist ever since. I simply can’t say enough. So, let’s just check out Bellas’ reaction at dinner time:

Northwest naturals can be found in several stores throughout the region. Here are some useful links to explore this awesome solution to keeping your pet healthy and around for a long time.

Bella lets you know directly what she thinks of NW Naturals… Video Courtesy: Dan Meyers and Bella


So perhaps your interest is now peaked after seeing what has happened with Bella. Bravo! I too was won over, but only after the urging from my vet and the subsequent transformation. That said, here are some additional resources to read up on raw food diets and NW Naturals in particular:

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AUTHOR: Dan Meyers