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Portco Packaging is proud to be an ongoing Supplier member of Oregon Dairy Industries (ODI). Founded in 1910, ODI was created to promote and elevate interest in dairy products emanating from the Pacific Northwest. With Portco Packaging being a long-standing, native, Pacific Northwest flexible packaging supplier, its fit as the packaging solution for several dairy-related brands has been very natural. Already serving customers in the cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream and ice cream novelty product categories, Portco’s business in dairy has been steadily growing.

Most of Portco’s partners are privately-held, long term contributors, and these relationships are flourishing in part as all exist in each other’s back yard. NW-based Portco prides itself on its quality, being one of the only SQF Level 3 certified packaging supplier west of the Mississippi. The company’s easy availability and strong relationships has built a level of camaraderie that simply breeds better and better results.

Annual ODI Conference – April 10,11

Coming right up is ODI’s annual conference. To be held April 10, 11 at 200 Commercial Street SE, Salem, Oregon 97301, more details can be had on ODI’s website here. Portco Packaging will be in attendance and will be exhibiting at Booth #21. Please come see us!

Click here to download the above map of the exhibitor floor.

Here is a copy of the ad that Portco is running in the ODI 2018 Conference Magazine. After all, isn’t it all about the cows?

We hope to see you in attendance at the ODI event and long live Oregon Dairy!

AUTHOR: Dan Meyers