Our goal is simple. To be the food industry’s most valuable, custom, flexible packaging resource.

We know what matters most when it comes to flexible packaging for your food products: safety, quality, reliability and performance. And we’ve worked hard to earn our reputation over the the past eight decades:


  • The west coast’s first SQF Level 3 Certified packaging resource
  • Solvent-less operations distinguished by a Superior rating with AIB (American Institute of Baking) and IMS (Interstate Milk Shippers) certification
  • Award-winning custom printing solutions for our clients


Need to troubleshoot a packaging solution?  We do what it takes to help you grow your business in today’s market:


  • Fit-for-use specifications to safely and efficiently package, ship, store and sell your product
  • Green packaging and increase yield by determining the viability of recyclable and biodegradable packaging options for your product
  • Stretching tight budgets by using qualified partners overseas for cost-driven projects


We print and manufacture top-grade flexible packaging of all types and configurations, including: Roll stock (including Tray Lidding), Pinch Bottom Bags, Laminations, Multiwall Bags and Stand-up Pouches.

Roll Stock

Spools of Potential

    Produced in rolls for use with automated machinery, roll stock works as a valuable part of your product packaging line, saving you significant time, labor and overhead costs.


    Available in master rolls of paper, film, metalized film and foil combinations in a range of thicknesses, the roll stock can be coated, printed, perforated or slit into smaller rolls. When converted, it becomes one of many different styles of finished packaging: from pillow packs to flow wrap and stand-up pouches, etc.


Tray and Cup Lidding

Whether it’s steam packaging, fresh seafood, ready meals or any other tray application, Portco offers a wide range of lidding films and tray lidding services to suit your needs. Engineered to accompany the complete spectrum of tray and cup materials, our lidding films have both easy peel and weld seal capabilities, and range from breathable to high barrier finishes.


Pinch Bottom Bags

Sealed, Delivered, Sold

    Customers love our sturdy pinch bottom bags because the base allows for more printing on the bottom of the bag, making it more visible in a stack. Formed with a stepped-end process, open-mouth pinch bottom bags are also easier and faster to fill and close, extremely strong in construction and sift-proof in design.


    With a variety of barrier options, superior sealing properties and optimal palletization, it makes sense that pinch bottom bags are some of our most popular products. Ideal for everything from food to building materials, these bags are often used to transport bulk items.


    Award-winning flexographic printing means consistency throughout your run and an eye-catching shelf presence for your brand.

High Quality & Consistent Laminations

Bonded for Life

    Lamination occurs when multiple layers of different materials are joined together to form a single sheet, combining all the best properties of each film into a single packaging structure. Laminations extend the shelf life of products, protect them during shipping and display and make them attractive on the shelf. At Portco, we offer a full range of lamination services to suit your company’s packaging needs.


    Along with our roll stock laminations for form and fill machines, our popular three-side-seal pouches and stand-up pouches are available in a variety of eye-catching designs, styles and colors. Used for packaging everything from food to industrial grade products, these strategically engineered pouches can be customized to the sizes, structures & designs you want at prices you can afford, including special optional features like gussets and resealable closures.


    Portco embraces solventless lamination technology: a green solution offering superior bonds and high clarity with no trapped solvent odors. Our state-of-the-art laminator features superior web tension control, which means reliable and consistent runs. Quick-changes are easy, and computer recipes guarantee precise repeatability from job to job. Our integrated “World Mixer” ensures adhesive consistency, providing the highest-quality laminations every time.

Customized Multiwall Bags

10-color printing to make you stand out

    The safe, cost-effective packaging choice for industrial and commercial packaging applications, Portco’s multiwall bags set the standard.


    Choose from a full selection of white, natural and colored papers with a variety of coatings and treatments, a wide array of protective barriers, and our award-winning flexographic printing for custom orders.


    Our multiwall bags can be customized to the sizes, structures and designs you want at prices you can afford, including these options:


  • Sewn Open Mouth (SOM)
  • Pinch Bottom Open Mouth (PBOM)
  • Self-Opening Satchel (SOS)

Custom Printed Stand Up Pouches

Stand Up Pouches that Stand Out

    Made by laminating layers of specialized film together, our stand-up pouches are convenient, strong packages that protect against puncturing, vapor, light, odor, pests and moisture. Compared to rigid packaging, stand up pouches are lighter weight and take up less room. And because they stand up, these bags – and their branding – are easier to see on the shelf. Add holes to our stand up pouches and you can hang them for display as well.


    Portco’s stand-up pouches are the ideal packaging solution for food products, whether dry, moist, frozen or liquid. Our stand up pouches are also perfect for packaging chemicals, soaps, medicines and fertilizers.


Available Substrates for Your Custom Packaging

    The substrate is the base material or film onto which printed images, laminated materials or coatings are placed. Our high-performance, environmentally friendly substrates feature high luster, excellent barrier resistance, high transparency and exceptional odor and freshness protection.


    Portco representatives are experts at a wide variety of packaging materials, and will be happy to help you choose the perfect structures for your packaging needs. We employ a full range, including but not limited to combinations of the following:
  • OPP
  • CPP
  • Nylon
  • PET
  • MDPE
  • Paper
  • BOPP
  • PE
  • Foil
  • PLA
  • Cellophane