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Recycling unlined paper sacks in the food service industry is getting easier and more strategic. Recently, the Paper Shipping Sack Manufacturer’s Association (PSSMA) and the American Forest and Paper Association launched a new effort to recover even more paper shipping sacks for recycling. Further, the PSSMA has introduced a new recycling symbol (shown above) for unlined food shipping sacks so that end users can easily see those sacks can be recycled. And with the chance to see benefits both environmentally and in the company bottom line, companies are increasingly taking advantage. Reduced tipping fees and hauling costs, along with revenue from the sale of their recovered OCC is adding up to a significant advantage that works not only in company accounting, but also in sustainability and PR.

The below article and video from the PSSMA further explores these new changes and trends. We hope your company can take further advantage of this growing opportunity.
See this article “Getting the Sack,” courtesy of RecyclingToday.com

Video Courtesy: PSSMA.org
Header Image Courtesy: Portco Packaging

AUTHOR: Dan Meyers