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ReposiTrak, Inc., a leader in compliance, food safety and risk management, has been adopted by Portco Packaging for its software platform. Recently endorsed by SQF, ReposiTrak’s software gives Portco a, “holistic platform to manage its food safety documentation, audits and processes,” said the CEO of ReposiTrack, Randy Fields. Mr. Fields added that, “by using ReposiTrak, Portco will ensure that its manufacturing facilities are meeting SQF’s high standards.” And while Portco has long been SQF compliant, this new system simply further ensures their success as the preeminent food packaging supplier west of the Mississippi.

This new adoption at Portco fits in perfectly with their long-stated mission. Explained by Portco’s president, Kent Wall, “Our mission is to make the highest quality, safest flexible packaging in the most responsible way. ReposiTrak’s automated compliance management system helps us achieve that goal.”

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AUTHOR: Dan Meyers