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These days one looks for (and many now expect) a resealable pouch when buying certain foods like popcorn, grains, seeds and the like. Great NW brand Bob’s Red Mill has now made this move bringing resealable pouches to its line of whole-grain products including:

  • yellow popcorn
  • quinoa
  • coconut flakes
  • flaxseed meal
  • baking flour
  • old country style muesli
  • tapioca flour
  • rolled oats
  • steel cut oats
  • and many more…


    Just two examples of the now, resealable pouch bags that Bob’s Red Mill is featuring in its whole-grain line. Open-eat-reseal-open fresh again! Image Courtesy: portco.com

    Resealable bag sizes range from a 16 oz. pouch on up to 32 oz, depending on the product type. Bob’s excellent products can be found in select stores nationwide as well as online.

    AUTHOR: Dan Meyers