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From chicks to turkeys to pigs to goats, Burlington, Washington-based Scratch and Peck is behind some of the very best animal feed available today. Started in 2010 as a family-owned and run business making certified-organic, non-GMO chicken feed, Scratch and Peck has blossomed in its industry with now several different offerings across the farm animal spectrum. And these facts are now much less of a secret as this wonderful company has just won the prestigious first prize award for Food/Beverage Processor of the Year, Small Firms via Seattle Business Magazine.


Bryon, Diana and Dennis built their family business around the idea of creating certified-organic, non-GMO, soy free chicken feed. Their reason? “You are what you eat.” How true. Photo Courtesy: U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Keeping in mind that “you are what you eat,” along with pushing the ethical treatment of animals, Scratch and Peck has created some truly excellent animal feed products. This, directly from their website, expounds upon the make-up and genesis of their offerings:
All of our feeds are soy free and canola free, while our Naturally Free line of products are also corn free. Our feeds are completely raw with our limited processing technique. We source grains organically grown and we mill to order in the Pacific Northwest. When you use our feed, you can rest assured that you are protecting your animals, your family and your health, because “you are what your animals eat!”

Just one of several, multiwall bags produced for Scratch N’ Peck at Portco’s Toppenish, Wa. plant. Image Courtesy: Scratchandpeck.com

Visit the Scratch and Peck website to see more about the company and what they make. If you don’t already have some chickens, turkeys or pigs well, seeing what quality food is out there for them to eat, well, you might just end up buying some!
For regular readers of our blog, you may recall that Portco’s own President, Kent Wall, won last year’s title for Manufacturer of the Year via this same committee. Read more about Kent’s win and the honor placed upon Portco for this achievement here.

AUTHOR: Dan Meyers