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Thanksgiving comes but once a year and when it does roll around, well, most of us are either planning, or planning to attend, a fabulous dinner. Family recipes abound, as do old traditions. However, once in a while it’s nice to add a new recipe or two to the mix. Thus, have a look at this collection of wonderful dishes, both sweet and savory. Heck, there’s even some recipes for your dog! Enjoy!

Ajinomoto: Ling-Ling “Snake Bites”


Snake Bites: Potstickers wrapped in bacon, brushed with sriracha-hoisin sauce, and baked golden brown – Yum! Image Courtesy: Ling Ling Frozen Food

For an excellent appetizer or warm-up before the big meal, check out this tasty bite from Ling-Ling, a brand of the Ajinomoto Group. Follow this RECIPE HERE link to the Ling-Ling website to get all the wonderful details.

Florida Crystals: Green Bean Casserole with Candied Corn and Bacon


This is a modern twist on an old classic. You simply can’t go wrong here! Image Courtesy: FloridaCrystals.com

This wonderful side dish serves up a twist on an otherwise expected dish at Thanksgiving. Heck, I wouldn’t consider it a full meal without some tasty green beans…and these are to die for! Follow this RECIPE HERE link for all the tasty details. 

C&H Sugar: Brown Sugar Pound Cake


This Brown Sugar Pound Cake recipe from C&H will have the whole family talking, in a sweet way. Image Courtesy: CHSugar.com

One really doesn’t need an excuse (like a holiday) to make pound cake. One of my very favorite things, I’m excited to try this recipe for Brown Sugar Pound Cake from C&H Sugar myself. Follow this RECIPE HERE link for all the sweet details.

Idahoan: Potato Rolls


These potato rolls are just what you need to soak up all that gravy! Image Courtesy: kqed.org

A Thanksgiving dinner without rolls, well, not quite the same. And while you might already have a great dinner roll recipe, do consider this amazing take on a critical item. Get the baked fresh details from great brand Idahoan by following this RECIPE HERE link. Hint: They also make WONDERFUL mashed potatoes of the “faster than from scratch” variety.

Litehouse Foods: Herbed Holiday Sweet Potatoes


This wonderful sweet potato dish cuts the carbs and brings the savory! Image Courtesy: Litehouse Foods

With sweet potatoes containing less carbs than classic white potatoes, going the “sweet potato route” when making your mashed can be a healthier track. That said, this lovely recipe makes it tough to choose between either, healthy considerations aside. Follow this RECIPE HERE link for the low-down on this great dish.

Sher: Southern Cornbread


Employing one of the great flours from Sher (of the Sher Atta Family of Products) can only take your cornbread to the next level. Image Courtesy: SimplyRecipes.com

Along with dinner rolls, cornbread is a very important item on the Thanksgiving table. A quality angle is to utilize one of the great flours from the Sher brand. They even have a sweet corn flour that, I believe, could make this extra special. Explore the various FLOURS you might utilize here…and see the RECIPE HERE link for directions on a few different ways to make this dish. Mmmmm…I can smell it baking from here!

Attune Foods’ BulkGranola.com: Vanilla Almond Granola Squares


Thanksgiving is all about food…and desserts are a key part of that. Can’t go wrong here with this lovely recipe that utilizes some wonderful granola from the Attune Foods familyBulkGranola.com Image Courtesy: bulkgranola.com

Desserts abound at Thanksgiving, so this recipe for Vanilla Almond Granola Squares will not only fit right in, it’ll add wonderfully. Just don’t count on any leftovers! Get the details via this RECIPE HERE link.

Harry’s Fresh: Cranberry Sauce


Making cranberry sauce is an art…and one that can take a good while. That said, Harry’s Cranberry Relish will pass the taste challenge. Which is from scratch and which is Harry’s? Image Courtesy: Samsclub.com

Harry’s Cranberry Relish is absolutely wonderful and will rival (or even surpass) most from-scratch concoctions. I dare you to do a blind taste test pitting Harry’s against your grandmother’s recipe ;). And sometimes you need to get things together quickly…so follow this CRANBERRIE SAUCE link to find out more about this great product from Harry’s Fresh.

Columbia Fruit: Mixed Berry Smoothies


The Three Fruit and Yogurt Blend from Columbia-Fruit needs little help in making a fantastic dessert! Image Courtesy: Columbia-Fruit

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be awaiting dessert after the big meal. A nice, fruit and yogurt smoothie goes along way in this particular role. Follow this RECIPE HERE link to get the low-down on this wonderful, sweet drink.

Tillamook Cheese: Creamy Pumpkin Soup with Cheesy Dippers


What a great way to serve a truly 5-star soup. Gotta hand it to Tillamook on this one…just beautiful. And then the taste…wow! Soup’s on for sure this Thanksgiving! Image Courtesy: Tillamook.com

A hearty and creamy pumpkin soup makes a wonderful addition to any Thanksgiving meal. And what Tillamook Cheese has created here is both gorgeous and truly tasty. Utilizing pumpkins as serving bowls, well, your table is going to look as amazing the food tastes upon it! Get the lovely details via this RECIPE HERE link.

Ruiz Foods’ El Monterey: Taquito Quiche Cups


Corn, nacho cheese, green onions, bacon & (crushed) El Monterey Beef Steak Corn Taquitos…just a few of the very tasty ingredients going into these “perfect for Thanksgiving” quiche cups. Image Courtesy: wikipedia.com

Some don’t think of Mexican-style dishes for Thanksgiving. Well, look no further…this Mexican dish from Ruiz Foods and its brand El Monterey will stun. Perfect as an appetizer, get all the yummy details via this RECIPE HERE link.

Oregon Ice Cream: Eat it as is!


Oregon Ice Cream feature three, incredible brands that will leave you with a difficult decision: Which to buy? Well, how about buying them all! Image Courtesy: OregonIceCream.com

Oregon Ice Cream represents a family of three ice cream brands: Alden’s Organic, Julie’s Organic and Cascade Glacier. And while one can utilize ice cream in so many different ways, most of the time it’s just good right out of the package. So…follow one of the links and have at it. Better yet, get a selection from all three and grace your Thanksgiving table with a host of frozen treats!

Plonkers: Popcorn for Days!


Much like ice cream, popcorn, when prepared well like Plonkers does, needs little or no extra work. Just buy and serve! Image Courtesy: PlonkersPopcorn.com

Much like the dilemma posed by Oregon Ice Cream and its three brands, Plonkers Popcorn makes the most incredible, pre-popped popcorn in a wide variety of flavors. Your toughest task here is choosing. Follow this POPCORN LINK here to see what’s on offer and where to find it!

Hazelnut Growers of Oregon


Grilled salmon with hazelnut lemon sauce. Hmmm….this could rival the turkey or ham on the table this Thanksgiving! Image Courtesy: Hazelnut Growers of Oregon (center image). Wikipedia (background image).

Turkey and/or ham are two of the staples at Thanksgiving. That said, this dish from Hazelnut Growers of Oregon just might cause you to switch it up…or at least add to. Hazelnut lemon sauce on salmon…wow that sounds good. Get the lovely details via this RECIPE HERE link.

Now, we would be remiss by not including a few items for our furry friends. Here are some great, pet-related brands with some tasty treats you could offer them on this upcoming holiday! 

Northwest Naturals: Turkey


Treat your dog to some amazing turkey from Northwest Naturals…he or she will feel like they are a part of Thanksgiving dinner! Image Courtesy: https://nw-naturals.net

While most or all of the “for humans” turkey might get eaten by, well, the humans, this very healthy and high-quality turkey from Northwest Naturals should make Fido feel like they are a direct part of the celebration. See this great pet food via this TURKEY LINK. Perhaps add a bit of gravy on top!

AUTHOR: Dan Meyers