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It’s hard to beat the smell of freshly-baked cookies when walking in from the cold. And cold it is these days, with snow in the forecast for the valley floor! Well, look no further. Bob’s Red Mill has just posted a very tasty item on their website…The United States of Cookies! Specifically, they’ve contacted one blogger in each of the 50 U.S. states and secured a cookie recipe special to the local area. Whether it’s Washington state, and the recipe for an Apple Pie Oatmeal cookie, or Florida, for their gluten free take on a Key Lime-flavored inspiration, your choices are both sweet and vast. This great cookies guide from Bob’s should keep you baking (and eating) well into the new year! Enjoy (and thanks Bob!!!).


Just a sampling of the 50 cookie recipes on offer at the Bob’s Red Mill website. Get baking! Image Courtesy: bobsredmill.com


Just a few of the many different cookie-related products available from Bob’s. Top quality = Top Taste! Image Courtesy: bobsredmill.com

Whether you end up making cookies with one of these great recipes or not, consider this additional link to the Bob’s Red Mill website for other, great baking ideas! Happy Holidays!

AUTHOR: Dan Meyers