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Globally-loved Tillamook Cheese is opening a new visitor center that will please visitors new and old. Aside from a small expansion in recent years, the Tillamook Cheese Visitor Center in Tillamook, Oregon hasn’t changed much since it first opened in 1966. And if you’ve been there in the last decade, especially during a summer weekend, well, you get the definition of “crowded.” I mean that’s no surprise…the cheese, ice cream and yogurt is amazing. That said, more space has long been needed. This new expansion will not only fully accommodate the more than 1.3 million visitors that head through Tillamook’s doors each year, it solidly expands the experience to include a gorgeous new dining hall featuring menu items from Irving Street Kitchen’s executive chef/owner Sarah Schafer, many new interactive features for the young and old, and so much more. It opens June 20!


A look at the new, 2-story Tillamook Cheese Visitor Center…a big, modern upgrade! Image Courtesy: Olsen-Kundig


Seattle design firm Olson Kundig is behind the new design and wow does it look impressive. Having visited the creamery there probably 10 or more times over my life, well, I’m pretty excited to get down there and check it out myself. With two kids aged 3 and 6, it looks like there are a number of hands-on exhibits to keep them well-occupied while I indulge on free samples of 5-year aged white cheddar! Yes…the copious, free samples will continue and be even more prolific.


A rendered look at the new dining hall at the new Tillamook Cheese Visitor Center. Great food and plenty of tables! Image Courtesy: Olsen-Kundig


The new Tillamook Cheese Visitor Center is so much bigger and more wide open, heck, it’s almost like the WWII blimp hangar nearby (well not quite ;). No more elbow-to-elbow crowds here! Image Courtesy: Olsen-Kundig


Useful Tillamook Links

Here are some useful links to check out the new facility and plan your trip down to the coast for a visit. Just be sure to arrive on an empty stomach! From ice cream to beer to the best grilled cheese money can buy, well, you won’t go away hungry…that I can guarantee.

Website: www.tillamook.com
Location: Click here
Visitor Hours: See this link here for details

AUTHOR: Dan Meyers